About Us ?


Middle East for Training and Consultation (METC) was established in the year 2008 in Egypt. The center includes the selection of specialists in the field of training, consulting and research services. Our experienced multilingual consultants provide a wide variety of specialist subjects, from leadership skills to technical programs, finance to HR in various areas inside and outside Egypt. We pride ourselves on being highly professional and responsive, and having good business ethics. Companies know they can rely on us, and as a consequence, we have a very high level of repeat business.

Activity Name M E T C Slogan Middle East for Training and Consultation


METC as a house of experience offers interactive training programs as well as business solutions and consulting services


Achieving a distinguished level of performance in order to gain clients constant satisfaction in all programs and solution offered.

Training :

METC provides world-class sessions on topics spanning the industry, from geology through geo-physics petro physics, drilling, reservoir engineering, production operations, environmental science, economics and management. METC makes it easier with one-stop convenience to meet all your training needs. METC consulting services offer a full spectrum of consulting assistance from petroleum management, program development to competency profiling


• Providing high quality training with global standards that achieve major company’s needs. • Development and improvement consultancy with a distinct level of internationally recognized. • Provide important contributions to the success of the economics of the Arab World. • The development of the group through the growth and strategic consortiums with global institutions distinct. • The organization of programs and activities that contribute of solving the problem of unemployment in the Arab World.